1. I want to convey to my web site, name, urdupoetryforum.blogspot.com is our personal web site and all articles and opinions genuine, our own personally written, not copy and cheated material from other side but base on our experience of life and education.
2. The sole purpose of my writings is not to hurt any mentally or not to challenge anyone, but to increase the readers’ knowledge and information that I have collected from my research and experience.
3. The comments about my writings, are the readers’ personal comments and the comment giver wis its responsible in future, not I the writer of the web site urdupoetryforum.blogspot.com
4. If the readers find any content, not useful for the readers, so he may request us to remove it from the site via email. urdupoetryforum.blogspot.com
5. I abide by my country laws in writing the writings for the readers will be useful and informative, not harmful or defaming of my country and my country fellows.
6. The pictures that are used on my web site for web purpose are not mine but get from internet, its reward to the its owner, but I change it with help of Photoshop and enhance its beauty, the readers are supposed to give me its reward. I am very thankful to the readers.
Yours sincerely,
JH Sayyar
M.A English, Professional Astrologer, Writer, English and Urdu Poet
Minerals and Vitamins Specialist

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J. H. Sayyar

(M. A. English)
(Professional Astrologer, writer, Urdu and English Poet)
Email: jhsayyar148@yahoo.com

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