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1. I never ever use cheated, imitated, copied and borrowed material on my web blog for the readers. I always provide fresh material with latest thoughts, feelings and emotions. I always write synthesis on my web blog so that the readers could enjoy my materials.

2. I write for the readers’ interest and so that they could know what the real knowledge is and how to use it in practical life.
3. I write such material that is useful for the readers in practical field and along with provide pleasure and satisfaction.
4. I provide arguments with my materials for the readers’ heart and mind satisfaction.
5. First I read the materials from different source and after too much pondering over it I write its synthesis for the readers’ benefits.
6. I try to present before the readers such materials those bases on reality, not idealism or fantasy that is most dangerous for the mind and spiritual health.
7. I write creative and reasonable materials that are most useful for the readers.

By approaching our web site the readers are bound to accept our terms and conditions for use. All applicable laws and regulations must agree. The material in this web site is protected by applicable copyright and trade mark law.

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Our web site staff allows downloading just one copy of materials from our web Under this license the web visitors are not allowed downloading our materials for commercial purpose in any means.

In any event or its suppliers be liable for any damages, loss of data, or profit or due to business interruption, and inability to use materials. Authorized committee has notified orally or in writing of possibility of such damages of liability for consequential. These limitations may not apply to you.

Site Terms of Use Notifications:

Yea, has fixed some terms and conditions for data users and web site users. The data and web site users are bound for current terms and conditions at any cost.

Yours’ sincerely,

J. H. Sayyar

(M. A. English)
(Professional Astrologer, writer, Urdu and English Poet)

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